Bonton Associates

Site / Civil & Environmental Planning

Bonton Associates’ full service management approach to civil site planning and land development consists of a suite of services designed to assist our Clients from initial site investigations all the way through construction, including preliminary site plan development, municipal regulatory compliance and review, construction/final plan development, and construction administration and inspection services. Our expertise include storm water management and design, wastewater infrastructure, utility coordination, and roadway and complete street plan development for residential and commercial projects.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

When preparing large scale infrastructure projects, avoiding impacts to the human and natural environmental can be difficult. Bonton Associates has the experience to navigate FHWA, FAA and EPA’s NEPA Processes, in addition to those established by State and Local Agencies.

Purpose and Need

We understand that without a well defined purpose and need statement, the basis for developing and assessing a reasonable range of alternatives can be challenging. It’s with this forward-thinking approach that we’re able to add value from the onset of the NEPA Planning Process.

Alternative Development/Environmental Impacts 

Rooted in the fundamental understanding of a project’s purpose and need, Bonton Associates can deploy one of several methods of alternative development, including environmentally-constrained route optimization techniques, or even stakeholder-driven methods of alternative development. Equally rooted in the fundamental understanding of the project’s purpose and need is our approach to assessing and evaluating the benefits and impacts of each project alternative.  

Interagency Coordination/Public Involvement

Efficient Decision Making Processes are the hallmark of any successful implementation of the NEPA Process. At Bonton Associates we have the experience to facilitate an open and productive exchange of information between the Project Team, Lead/Sponsoring Agencies, Cooperating and Participating Agencies and Public Stakeholders all in accordance with the streamlined provisions of SAFETEA-LU and MAP-21.


Whether a proposed project results in no impacts or significant impacts, Bonton Associates has the experience to deliver CE, EA or EIS documentation to secure FONSI’s and ROD’s for our Clients and move their iniatives forward.