Bonton Associates

Hydraulic Infrastructure Design

Wastewater Infrastructure Planning

Using first principle approaches such as population and land development forecasting, macro-based topography assessments, and a thorough understanding of the capacity and condition of existing wastewater infrastructure, Bonton Associates can walk Clients through the process of assessing their wastewater collection and conveyance needs and establishing cost effective, sustainable wastewater capital improvement packages.

Collection System Design

Bonton Associates has the technical competency, practical experience, and software products required to deliver our Clients constructible and cost effective design packages that meet their wastewater hydraulic needs now, and into the future. Construction experience and exposure to
industry-leading applications equip Bonton Associates with the ability to support design packages with robust technical specifications, ensuring the design’s intent and Client’s interests are maintained throughout construction and delivery.

Construction Management

Viewing the construction of wastewater projects through the 3-sided prism of cost, schedule and quality enables Bonton Associates to deliver our Clients comprehensive construction management services. We’re able to limit our Clients’ exposure to increased costs by implementing effective change managemenr processes and comprehensive measurement and payment systems. The adaptive management of critical path work items, construction progression, and unforeseen impacts remains a critical element in Bonton Associates’ ability to deliver projects on time.

Firm Experience

As the Capacity Improvements Project Delivery Manager on the East Baton Rouge Parish Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program, Bonton Associates oversees the planning, design, bidding, construction, and delivery of nearly $300M worth of large capacity wastewater infrastructure projects (22 pipeline and pump stations projects in total).