Welcome to the Team

January 22, 2021

Welcome to the Team

Finding talented young professionals and providing them with the tools and resources to grow and succeed is critical to the Bonton Associates mission. This month, we’re delighted to introduce two new project engineers who’ve recently joined #TeamBonton.

Lafayette native Teche Melancon came on board to support our water engineering projects, while Rabin Gautam, originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, primarily assists senior engineers in our new transportation practice. Both were drawn to Bonton because of the firm’s dynamic recent growth; our work on high-impact initiatives, from the City of Shreveport to MoveBR projects; and our deep commitment to meeting infrastructure challenges with the newest, most powerful data and technology.

A visit during college to the LSU Lower Mississippi River Model sparked Teche’s initial interest in water. Now he views this critical resource through a global lens. “Our world is becoming more and more complex,” he says. “Getting smarter about water means that we have to constantly develop new technologies, practices and habits to solve water system issues.” Rabin understands the essential, interconnected nature of our transportation infrastructure, from the culverts we can’t see to the sidewalks and bridges we use every day. He remarks, “Bonton’s involvement in MoveBR projects shows that we can help bring good insight and direction to the transportation infrastructure.”

As they dig into the work, both have enjoyed the variety of projects they’ve been able to support, as well as getting to know their teammates. Away from work, Teche is a big-time Louisiana sports fan — Saints, Pelicans and Tigers — and loves to play as much tennis as he can. Rabin enjoys visiting new places, a passion he looks forward to resuming once we’re beyond the challenges of COVID. Until then, he’s been using the extra time at home to take in movies.

We appreciate the positive impact Teche and Rabin have made so far and we’re proud to support them on their professional journey!

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