Welcome, New Hires!

April 13, 2021

Welcome, New Hires!

Building a smart, diverse and driven team enables Bonton Associates to deliver on our mission in increasingly creative and innovative ways. As the firm continues to grow, we’re proud to help you get to know our newest professionals and share their perspectives.

Team members AnFernee Rodrigue, originally from Belle Rose, LA, and Baton Rouge-born Jaylen Scott both joined the firm recently as project engineers. They chose to bring their talents to Bonton because of the resources, support and opportunities the firm affords; the chance to help their home state become more structurally and environmentally sustainable; and the firm’s investment in data and technology as powerful tools to produce efficient, transformative solutions.

AnFernee and Jaylen see Bonton’s dual focus on transportation and water engineering as critical to building the future we envision. “Our transportation challenge in Baton Rouge is to reduce the amount of traffic,” Jaylen says. “If we (the firm) can help improve the city’s infrastructure by widening roads and adding lanes, designing new bridges and roads, and addressing new challenges with a ‘complete streets’ approach, I believe we can get there.”

On the water side, AnFernee observes that water resources and infrastructure are too often overlooked or not considered until there is a serious issue. “Water is arguably the most important resource on the planet,” he says. “We all need to rethink the way water treatment and management has been done in the past, and focus on using water to its highest potential.” AnFernee adds, “Water is abundant — and we require it to survive — but not everyone has access to clean and potable water. We need to understand how we can take rainfall, snow, hail, groundwater and other water sources, clean it, and redirect it so it can be used again.”

Personal experience also informs their perspectives. AnFernee continues: “I’m from a small town in South Louisiana, and fishing is the source of income for many of the residents. Water quality and management is extremely important for our community. I’ve known this for a long time.” Jaylen was fortunate enough to participate in a water purification project in Ghana, Africa, where sustainable materials and an abundant clay found locally were used to help lower harmful excess fluoride in the local drinking water. This was a life-changing improvement for citizens in the Bongo District, and an example of improving public health through innovative engineering.

Jaylen is a mechanical engineering graduate of Southern University, while AnFernee earned his bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering from LSU. From fishing and skeet shooting to cooking, AnFernee enjoys spending time outdoors. Jaylen is a self-described “people person” who loves being with family and friends, traveling, reading, exercising and enthusiastically supporting his New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

Welcome, Jaylen and AnFernee. We couldn’t be happier to have you on board!

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