November 24, 2020


Who’s behind Bonton Associates’ success? All of us — and over the next few months, we’ll introduce you to each member of our growing team. First up is Project Engineer Shekhar Raj Mote.

Shekhar is a world away from his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, and we couldn’t be happier that he chose to bring his talents to Bonton. Though his primary role is to lend technical engineering support to client projects, he loves to contribute to the entire project life cycle, from pursuing new work, to overall project management, all the way through invoicing. He also appreciates the firm’s “young at heart” mentality, how we constantly challenge the way we work, and our drive to acquire new skills to become better, smarter and more efficient.

Whether you’re in Kathmandu or Caddo Parish, water is critically important. Today more than ever, we’re excited about all we can do to get smarter about this life-sustaining resource.

“With advanced technology, we now have the ability to better understand water’s behavior in both the natural and man-made environments,” Shekhar says. “We also have a rich historic dataset we can use to make data-driven analyses. Leveraging our engineering knowledge in conjunction with data and technology, we can be proactive instead of reactive.”

Shekhar holds a master’s degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Southern Illinois University. In his spare time, he loves to play soccer, sing, listen to music, watch movies, and explore the word through travel, food and drink.

Thanks for all you do, Shekhar. We appreciate you!

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