Engineering for a better life

Since 2012, Bonton Associates has planned and designed long-term solutions to public infrastructure challenges.

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We take a big-picture approach to our work, collaborating with clients to create thoughtful, sustainable water and transportation systems that meet clear financial and environmental objectives. And we get there by leveraging research and technology, applying advanced analytics and executing data-driven strategies to reach intuitive, innovative solutions. Our core values lead the way.

Today and every day, our goal is to help communities better manage, access and afford their shared resources — because we’re all in this together.

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Core Services

Water Engineering

Planning and design for water, wastewater and stormwater collection, conveyance, treatment and distribution

Transportation Practice

Comprehensive planning, engineering and construction review services with a focus on “complete streets”

Our Mission

To lead communities toward a safe, sustainable water and transportation future

Our Vision

To be a trusted source of thought leadership and data-driven innovation, creating a water and transportation future where people and resources thrive

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We're better together

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