Water Engineering

Get smarter about water.

From aging infrastructure, the cost of improvements and regulatory compliance to long-term supply and emergency preparedness, there’s no shortage of issues threatening our water systems. Bonton Associates is up to the challenge.

LSU Lakes Project

Our Services

For water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure:

  • Site Investigation
  • Project Definition/Charter
  • Capital Planning
  • Consent Decree Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance & Review
  • Design Definition & Delivery
  • Flood Recovery Programs & Case Management
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management & Inspections
  • Program Controls & Data Management

Our firm was founded in 2012 to provide smart, efficient planning and design services for water, wastewater and stormwater collection, conveyance, treatment and distribution. Water engineering goes hand in hand with our transportation practice, contributing to more livable cities that better serve our clients and their customers.

Our work integrates the business, regulation and science of public water resources.

These interconnected factors inform every solution we create. Here’s why:

Business is about time and money.

Every client project has both human and financial success metrics. Utilities, especially, must balance cost and revenue drivers with their obligation to deliver reliable service through maintenance, operation and capital investments in their infrastructure. Bonton ensures that all business considerations are mutually understood and fully addressed.

Guy drinking water.
Shreveport water project

Regulations are challenging – and changing.

Large-scale water projects are far more than simply engineering or operational challenges. As a valued advocate and resource, our team helps clients navigate regulations and regulatory bodies at all levels, from local/parish/county to state and federal.

Science is a complex, powerful partner.

Research, advanced analytics and data-driven strategies play an important role in how we understand hydraulic and environmental engineering challenges and create solutions to meet them. Science and technology help us filter out noise and reveal trends, and we always work to make the science behind our actions accessible and understandable for every project stakeholder.

Darius Bonton in meeting with clients

“Get smarter about water” is much more than our mantra. It’s a call to action for everyone in the water ecosystem — and it’s a conversation we’re always willing to have.

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