Innovating for a Safer Baton Rouge

January 04, 2024

Innovating for a Safer Baton Rouge

Budgetary constraints for municipal governments make tough decisions a constant reality. In light of this environment, Bonton Associates applauds the City of Baton Rouge’s continued commitment to making drainage and storm water quality compliance a priority.

As program manager of Baton Rouge’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) Drainage Program, Bonton has worked closely with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and her team to allocate and manage available dollars toward a variety of stream-clearing and infrastructure renewal projects. These critical efforts reduce flood risk, improve the City’s ability to comply with state and federal regulations, and benefit the health and safety of our entire community. When we get smarter about water, everyone wins.

Partnering with communities where we live and work gives our firm a unique opportunity to help deliver a return on the investments we all make as taxpayers. Whether it’s minimizing flood risk, expanding roadway capacity or improving wastewater system performance, we’re always mindful of the trust stakeholders and residents place in us to create value and be their advocate.

To learn more about why drainage and stormwater management are so important to our parish — and what these focused efforts are accomplishing — please watch the short video below.

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