New Surgery Center Is Being Built In Baton Rouge Near Jefferson And Stumberg

January 24, 2024

New Surgery Center Is Being Built In Baton Rouge Near Jefferson And Stumberg

We're thrilled to announce our involvement in the groundbreaking ReCenter specialty surgical hospital project, located at the intersection of Jefferson Highway and Stumberg Lane.

In this significant $28 million healthcare construction project, our team at Bonton Associates had the privilege of providing comprehensive site/civil and road design services. Our Water Team was responsible for the design of site grading, paving, and drainage features - including retention ponds and fill mitigation strategies required to comply with the City-Parish's stormwater management ordinance. Our Transportation Team designed the demolition and realignment of Mourning Dove Drive. These elements are crucial for ensuring the safe and smooth access and operation of the healthcare facility.

A big shoutout to our incredible team members, Charles Caballero and LaDarien Beene, P.E., PTOE,, whose expertise has been instrumental in the success of this project. Their dedication and commitment to excellence truly reflect the core values of Bonton Associates and our mission to contribute meaningfully to the infrastructure of our community.

Kudos to everyone involved, including developer Chad Himmel and Mike DiVincenti, contractor Milton J. Womack, and architect Grace Hebert Curtis.

We are proud to be a part of this transformative project and eagerly anticipate its opening in February 2025. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to contribute to the future of our community!

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