What kind of partnerships do we like at Bonton Associates? Ones that are made to move.

January 30, 2024

What kind of partnerships do we like at Bonton Associates? Ones that are made to move.

In this second post of our four-part series featuring Bonton’s eight firm principals, we continue to highlight the value of efficient, synergistic working partnerships. A prime example of such a partnership is our ongoing collaboration with Jacobs. This relationship isn't just about working together; it's a deep connection that's been nurtured over time, making Jacobs our first and longest-standing partner. This partnership stands as a testament to our mutual commitment to delivering long-term value, embodying the very principles we cherish in collaboration.

When an opportunity to partner with one or more firms arises, it’s essential for all participants to be fully prepared to move forward with purpose and efficiency toward the project goals. This requires a combination of technical capabilities, open communications, and project management acumen, which are hallmarks of the Bonton experience.

Marcus Bonton, PE, principal of our transportation practice, joined the firm in 2021. With his extensive experience in the regional transportation sector and participation in large, multi-firm projects, Marcus sees the clear parallels between transportation aims and solid working partnerships. “The goal of any transportation system is to have a comprehensive, connected network meeting user needs. Similarly, in partnerships, we leverage a network of professionals, aligning our services to meet our clients' needs,” he explains.

Marcus also highlights the value of partnerships in providing opportunities for our firm to grow. “We gain industry insights, learn new technologies, and refine our risk management strategies,” he continues. “This is how we deliver results for our clients and add value to our partners.”

Court Bradford, PE, with his vast engineering and construction experience, adds to our project management expertise. “Our collaboration with Jacobs, a leader in the industry, is a prime example of the 'made to move' spirit we foster at Bonton. This synergy enhances our ability to efficiently address our clients' evolving needs, transcending mere cooperation and progressing together,” Court elaborates.

Court, as a firm principal and project manager, emphasizes the importance of relationship-building and coordinated efforts to achieve common goals. He views Louisiana as a place rich with opportunities for effective transportation project partnerships, such as the MoveBR initiative.

Together, Marcus and Court, through various partnerships, bring their knowledge and experience to the table, giving any project a competitive edge. Their appreciation for the hard work of project teams is fundamental to the success of these collaborations.

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